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The year 2022 is coming to an end, but before that, we still have a few family gatherings in which food plays a major role.

Christmas Eve is a very special occasion where you can show off the culinary arts that we have learned throughout the year with Karlos Arguiñano’s recipes. We offer you here a selection of starters, starters and main courses, and desserts to offer you a dream menu with easy, quick and inexpensive recipes.

Aperitifs and snacks

Entrees are a perfect option to open your mouth. While all guests are arriving, we can offer them snacks to give them the welcome they deserve.

If we prepare starters that can be eaten standing up, without the need to use cutlery, we will make it easier for the diners. So the crunchy date bites or the cheese bites with caramelized onion they can be easily served and offer that mixture of sweet and salty that we love so much.

Another great option would be the cheese croissantsArguiñano’s recipe “with fewer ingredients in 32 years on television”.

If you like eels, to offer them as an aperitif before you sit down to eat, you can make them crispy buns. Although it is also worth seeing different ways to make baby eels owned by Karlos Arguiñano.


Once seated around the table, we started with the starters. The best thing is that they are light as well as easy to prepare and simple, because we still have to leave room for the following dishes.

the smoked salmon, rice and wasabi delicacies They have an incomparable presentation, and an exquisite flavor. But you can also do salmon rolls with salad.

the homemade bread with potato and cheese It is also excellent as a starter, and can even be served as an accompaniment to more robust dishes. However, the manzanilla olive skewer It won’t take you long and you will also like it very much.


Soups and creams are always appreciated when attending a hearty meal as it happens on Christmas Eve. Light and rich recipes are always appreciated because there is even more food to serve after the first course of the Arguiñano menu.

So we can start with a pear, leek and millet cream, very aesthetic and ideal to fight against the cold. The broccoli and zucchini cream it is also a good recipe for enjoying a luxurious dish prepared in an instant.

Soups are also easy on the stomach, so we suggest some of the tastiest to make on Christmas Eve: pumpkin soup, minced meat and tapioca, Swiss chard and pumpkin curry soup, clam bread soup, cauliflower and ham soup

second course

As the second course of the Christmas Eve menu, we can offer meat recipes or of fish, depending on what we like the most. If we opt for meat, we can prepare a pork belly roast with mashed potatoesnail pork cheeks with port sauceor one sautéed rabbit with rosemary potatoeswhich is a very cheap and very simple recipe with spectacular results.

If you prefer poultry meat, the Pepper Stuffed Turkey with Cheese Sauce “It’s so beautiful and so rich” that you will leave everyone surprised, Arguiñano’s word.

You might also like braised quail recipeIt’s easy to do and you’ll have them ready in just a few steps. Although if what you are looking for is speed, the recipe for your second star dish is turkey with mushrooms.


We started with a great recipe that Eva Arguiñano showed us in a few steps: the tiramisu arm, a dessert that is always a fabulous success. The Traditional apple pie never fails, and if you want to surprise you can also elaborate sagargalawhich is also an apple pie but different from the usual.

If you prefer a dessert that you can prepare quickly, with few ingredients and in a simple way, Karlos Arguiñano has combined these attributes in recipes such as curd with sesame crackers, mango cream, puff pastry with pine nuts Either melon mousse with red fruits.

And finally, for all chocolate lovers in any of its versions, we have the best chocolate recipes gathered here.

Arguinano’s Recommendations

Bon appetit and Merry Christmas!

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