La Coruñesa launches recipe contest to encourage fish consumption

Fresh fish, shellfish and frozen fish company La Coruñesa, based in Huesca, has launched a contest on social networks for simple fish recipesappetizing for children, to promote the consumption of this product among young people, families and school canteens. The competition, they specify with the company, will be held during the month of February.

Gastronomy professionals and cooking enthusiasts can participate, in different categories, over the age of 18 and residing in Huesca or Zaragoza, provinces in which La Coruñesa distributes its products. All participants will receive a “special Centenary of La Coruñesa” apron and They will be eligible for cash prizes, a meal for two at a “Michelin-starred” restaurant in Aragon and a visit with tasting at a Caviar Pirinea fish farm in Yesa.

The 30 best recipes will be part of a book that will be distributed in shops, supermarkets, customers of La Coruñesa, school canteens… so that it reaches everyone.

José Luis Sierra, director of the company since 1990, explains that this initiative stems “not only from the statistics of the increase in childhood obesity and recommendations for healthy eating, but also because well-prepared fish is a way to enjoy food. After years of dealing with hoteliers to whom we supply products, with kitchen managers in educational centers and with stores to which we distribute, the difficulties we see in families and school canteens for children to perceive fish as an interesting and necessary food. We believe that only by doing it in an appetizing and fun way can our little ones get into the habit of eating fish on a regular basis.”.

For this reason, in La Coruñesa they plan to disseminate simple recipes based on fish, which help families and educational centers to incorporate this product into their daily diet in an attractive way. “Fish is fundamental in the neurological development of children and helps improve concentration in adolescents. We also want to carry out a work of dissemination, via our social networks during this month of competition, of the nutritional values ​​of seafood and fish farming products that are accessible and easy to cook, because certain types of fish are not in demand because they do not know each other. they don’t,” adds Sierra.

The contest rules, which will run from January 28 to February 28, are published on the La Coruñesa website The 6 recipes that will enter the final selection will be the three of fans who will have the most “likes” at the end of the term and the three professionals chosen by the jury at the end of the term, taking into account the following criteria: final result of the dish, ease of preparation, ingenuity to create the recipe.

The Competition Jury is made up of Eduardo Salanova, chef of the Espacio N -Venta del Sotón (Michelin star); Víctor González Ruiz, chef at the San Vicente school in Huesca; Fernando Gutiérrez, teacher at the San Lorenzo Hotel School in Huesca and four children from Huesca (primary and ESO).

fish consumption

40% of children aged 6 to 9 are overweight or obese, and the incidence increases with age, according to the Aladdin study, prepared by the Ministry of Consumer Affairs and the Spanish Food Safety Agency (AESAN) . Reducing childhood obesity rates is an international strategic priority. “The growing number of overweight or obese children has triggered all the alarms of public health institutions. Nearly 80% of schoolchildren need to improve their diet. In fact, there is a National Strategic Plan for the Reduction of Childhood Obesity (2022-2030). 66% of children under 12 eat at school. School can be a space for learning to eat healthy,” they point out.

“Specialists recommend eating fish 3 to 4 times a week, adds the manager, and only 23% of Spaniards reach the recommended weekly consumption of fish, many times for not knowing how to make it appetizing or appealing to them”.

business development

The evolution of La Coruñesa continues to be positive. “In 2022, we reached nearly 9 million euros in turnover (8.9 million) and 1,100,000 kg of products sold. And we are very grateful to everyone, customers, suppliers, collaborators and colleagues, for trusting us”, explains José Luis Sierra.

La Coruñesa, which was born in 1922 as a small fish market in Plaza López Allué (then Plaza del Mercado) in Huesca, evolved into a company with more than 30 workersand a headquarters with more than 1,200 m2 of surface area which also has a fish processing and transformation room for the horeca sector and other groups, such as schools.

It distributes more than a thousand product references (the majority of direct suppliers from national or international fishing areas), and more than 800 points of sale among shops, supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, catering companies, educational centers and other groups in Huesca and Zaragoza. And all this, with a guarantee accredited by external audits in terms of traceability and food safety..


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