‘Las Abuelas del Pescao’, a book that recovers the recipes and memories of the women of Varadero and Santa Adela-Motril

“The Grandmothers of Pescao”is a project carried out by the Association of the Fishing Sector of Granadino 4.0, promoted thanks to the Local Action Group for Fisheries (GALP) Costa de Granada, and which has the support of the European Fund for Maritime Affairs and the fisheries of the European Union and the Andalusian Council through the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Water and Rural Development, which was born with the idea of promote the culture and economy of the Coast from a hitherto invisible perspective, that of women.

Publication which was presented this Monday morning in the kitchens of the Motril Hospitality School – Training 080with the presence of the Mayor of Motril, Luisa García Chamorro, the Provincial Deputy, Mª Carmen Fernández, the President of the Granadino Fishing Sector 4.0 Association, Javier Domínguez, as well as representatives of the Community of Municipalities of the Costa Tropical, councilors Motril Town Hall and the main protagonists of this book.

It’s a project that focuses on a part of the story that is usually heard by mothers and grandmothers and not normally found in books. “What is not named does not exist”, and it is precisely for this reason that they wanted to make this part of Motrilian culture tangible with “Las Abuelas del Pescao”, compiling a series of life experiences of women from the neighborhoods of Varadero and Santa Adela de Motril. A trip to the past of families who have kept alive the essence of marine areas, sometimes with many deficiencies or hungers.

“The testimony of a life told in the first person and which emphasizes the protagonists, a way of looking back and not forgetting a part of our being”, as the President of the Association of the Fishing Sector of Granada 4.0, Javier Domínguezwho commented that “it enhances one of the most traditional tourist attractions in Motril through the cuisine of catering establishments with the longest fishing tradition that bring the product from the Motril fish market, with a series of recipes where the ingredient The essential , how could it be otherwise, are the fish or the shellfish themselves All this is done by the women of the most historic establishments, those who, being in the background, make everything works”.

A book that intends to change the narrative and go beyond the literary concept of grandmother, recognizing the value of work associated with education, sacrifice and the abandonment of personal projects for a life dedicated to others, which , in many cases, goes unnoticed before our eyes.

thirty-eight women that in various meetings held both in the neighborhood associations of these neighborhoods and in the host school of Motril- 080 Formation, they compiled a extensive book of recipes typical of the coast of Granada where the main product is fish and shellfish from the region, the protagonists themselves reviewed.

For its part, the Mayor of Motril, Luisa García Chamorro, considered it necessary to feel “proud of the publication of this authentic delicacy” by collecting the experiences of women from the neighborhoods of Varadero and Santa Adela, in addition to compiling “those exquisite recipes that must pass on to posterity”. Moreover, thanked the involvement of the women involved in the project, “we must defend what is ours, our products”.

The city manager pointed out that “we live in a wonderful corner of Spain, where we have the best products and the freshest fish to be consumed regularly in any establishment in the region”. “This book, in addition to showing the delights of Motril, is a recognition to all the women who are involved in the fishing sector and who work in silence”.

During the presentation ceremony, other contributors to the publication also took the floor, such as María Dolores Almendros, from the Katena restaurant, and María del Carmen Terrón, from the Hermanos Terrón fishmonger, representing the women involved in the book.

The President of the Port Authority, José García Fuentes, praised this publication which “summarizes many experiences of women from the port districts of Varadero and Santa Adela around fish”. For García Fuentes, “this project is a reflection of the work that our mothers did, in very difficult times and circumstances, and which is reflected in this book for future generations”.

The Harbor President thanked the “support” and the “sensitivity” of the administrations and the professionals who collaborated in its preparation.

the book was carried out by a multidisciplinary team made up of people from Motril –Javier Domínguez (Granada 4.0 Fisheries Association), Angélica Jódar (pedagogue) and Alba Feixas (journalist), with the help of Manolo Barreras (photographer) and Juan Domínguez (marketing and communication internship)-.

It’s not just a book of recipes or anecdotes, it’s part of the memory, experiences and testimonies of a group of women who have played a decisive role in the fishing sector of the Tropical Coast of Granada, although historically they have been invisible.


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