Learn how to debone chicken wings to eat them like pipes with this recipe

Without a doubt, chicken wings are the funniest way to eat this bird. They are eaten with the hands, in small bites, and the primary objective is always to leave all the bones intact and without any remains of meat on them.

Who doesn’t love chicken wings? They can be grilled, fried or baked and can be eaten as is or accompanied by different sauces such as Parmigiana chicken wings, sweet and sour chicken wings or the mythical buffalo wings spicy. The possibilities can be endless as there is latent creativity as to what sauces to dip them in, but it all starts better if you remove the bones from the chicken wings and so you have less to worry about.

To do boneless chicken wings, removing all the small bones that keep them rigid without damaging the meat, it will be important to cook the wings beforehand so that they are tender and the bones come out on their own. The best and fastest way is to use the pressure cooker. Once they have been deboned, the ideal is to fry them to give them a crispy touch on the outside which also helps to contain the meat and prevent it from falling apart. From there, the options are tailored to each, as mentioned above.

They should be golden on the outside, crispy and very tender on the inside, then you can add the sauce on top or put it in a dipping bowl so everyone decides what to do with it. The most tedious part of this recipe is spending the time it takes to remove the bones from the chicken. It is important to dry the chicken wings well before frying them so that they do not burst in the oil. Another frying option could be done in a deep fryer on full power, but they won’t be as golden.

Making boneless chicken wings allows us to enjoy them in other preparations, such as tacos or a hamburger because we no longer have to worry about the bones when biting.

How to easily debone chicken wings

boneless chicken wings

Clara Villalon


  • Chicken wings, 16 units

  • Salt, w/w

  • Wheat flour, 100 g

  • Corn starch, 100 g

  • Olive oil, abundant for frying

  • Tonkatsu sauce, or the one everyone wants

Step 1

Cut the wings in half if they are not already separated. Put a finger of water in an express pot and put the chicken wings inside the pot. Close and wait for the pressure to rise with the fire at maximum. Once the pressure has risen, reduce the heat to minimum and cook for 15 minutes. Then turn off the heat and let the pressure dissipate on its own.

2nd step

Then carefully remove the wings from the broth and place them on a wire rack to dry and cool well. You can lightly oil the grid first so that the wings do not stick to it.

Step 3

On the other side, dry the wings with a bit of paper. Let cool.

Step 4

When the wings are manageable, carefully and patiently remove the bones inside. It is best to press from edge to edge so that the bone “runs away”. It should be borne in mind that one area of ​​the wing has two ossicles.

step 5

Add a little salt on top and dredge the wings in the flour and cornstarch mixture. At that time we can fry them. They can be put in the preheated air fryer on high for 10 minutes or fried in a pan with plenty of very hot olive oil until golden on the outside. The good thing is that the wings are already cooked so we’ll only be looking for the crispy exterior with this fry.

step 6

Remove, using a slotted spoon, on a plate covered with paper towel. Serve chilled with or without the desired sauce. They eat like pipes!


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