options to make it the best garnish for your Christmas or New Year dinner

The potatoes They are that ingredient that never fails us. We love them in all their presentations, from cambray potatoes to mashed potatoes. In addition to being very easy to cook, they are always the best way to accompany any meal. You can serve them cooked or boiled and you can serve it as Garrison with proteins such as roast meat or fish, such as salmon or white fish and they are undoubtedly the perfect option as a garnish for your Christmas or New Year’s dinner.

The potatoes they are so delicious and versatile that you can also cook them in such a way that they become the protagonist of any meal and everyone loves them, despite their simplicity they are always delicious and full of flavor. And it is that in reality, the potato is part of the universal gastronomy since it can be found in practically all the countries of the world. Depending on where we come from, we prepare them very differently, although they always stay with that comforting texture and flavor that we love

There are many ways to prepare these delicacies, from the simplest recipes, with a spicy nature, even the most indulgent and addictive cheese and bacon stuffed potato recipes. Whether it’s the type of craving you have, surely one of them seven recipes with cambray potatoes they will fit perfectly Garrison of your special dinners, from the most formal and elegant to the simplest. We share three infallible potato recipes to accompany you as a garnish.

Classic mashed potatoes

nothing beats classic mashed potatoes. We love its super smooth and creamy texture. It is the ideal garnish for any type of dish and at any time. It is also very easy to prepare. Here we share all the secrets to making the best classic mashed potatoes in a very short time.

Bacon Stuffed Cambray Potatoes

This recipe for cambray potatoes stuffed with bacon is a super *monchosa*** side dish: perfect for snacking before a meal or to accompany a good roast meat. You can serve them hot, warm and even cold. Even better, they are very easy to prepare.

Recipes with potatoes for Christmas dinner garnish 4

Parmigiana cambray potatoes

These parmigiana cambray potatoes, which are perfect to accompany some grilled steaks, although they are also a hit as a snack for meetings.

Recipes with potatoes for Christmas dinner garnish 3

Cambray boiled potatoes with parsley and butter

Here is another one of our simplest yet foolproof recipes from the Cambray Potato Recipe Directory. It is a light filling but with a lot of flavor. Try making these boiled cambray potatoes with parsley and butter, a gem you can make even without an oven.

Recipes with potatoes for Christmas dinner garnish 2

Baked cambray potatoes with asparagus

We end on a high note by sharing this easy, quick and very effective recipe: these are delicious baked cambray potatoes with asparagus, perfect to accompany any meal in a healthy way but without ceasing to be fancy and substantial.

Recipes with potatoes for Christmas dinner garnish 1

devil tokens

If, on the other hand, you prefer very spicy flavors, I offer you a very simple snack idea with this recipe for the famous devil chips. It’s basically roasted potatoes seasoned with a spicy sauce that goes well with cold beers or red wine.

Recipes with potatoes for Christmas dinner garnish 5

Rustic potatoes seasoned with paprika and garlic

On this occasion we share a perfect delicacy for lovers of different and daring flavors. It is this recipe for rustic potatoes, seasoned with paprika and garlic. If you are one of those people who don’t like spiciness, but sometimes you need a touch of spice to give it flavor, this recipe is perfect for you.

Recipes with potatoes for Christmas dinner garnish 6

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