PAMI electronic prescriptions continue to operate “normally” for its members

The system set up by PAMI for electronic prescriptions continues to operate normally

The doctor and director of PAMI’s own effectors, Fernando Ali, assured that the electronic prescriptions of this provider, to which four million pensioners have access, “are not affected” by the resolution provided by the Ministry of Health of the Nation, from which the prescriptions made on paper and sent “in the form of a photo” by mail or Whatsapp will no longer be valid.

“It is important to emphasize that, unlike prescriptions sent as photos or scanned, the PAMI electronic prescription is still valid and can continue to be used normally,” said the doctor.

This is so, he continued, since the agency has “a system that approves (electronic) prescriptions that are automatically sent to the pharmacy.”

Published in the Official Journal, Resolution No. 3622/2022 repealed Resolution No. 696/20 of March 31, 2020, which allowed, during the coronavirus pandemic, the presentation in pharmacies of prescriptions written on paper by health professionals and sent as a photo or scanned “via webmail, mail or fax applications,” the text reads.

“It is important to point out that, unlike recipes sent as photos or scanned, the PAMI electronic recipe is still valid and can continue to be used as normal.”Doctor Fernando Ali

In dialogue with Télam Ali, he explained that, according to Law 27,553 that regulates them, electronic prescriptions must respect, among other characteristics “with the guarantee of the law on the protection of personal data and the law on the rights of patients”.

“This is not guaranteed in the case of photos on WhatsApp”he assured.

Prior to the onset of the pandemic, four of PAMI’s five million affiliates andto “be able to access electronic prescriptions that meet these parameters of security, traceability, verification, storage and identification of unique users”.

The FarmaPAMI system continues to operate without modifications

Access is via the FarmaPAMI system, which requires two steps: the member asks the doctor to write the prescription, which migrates through the system “securely”, and is “stored in the cloud” so that the pharmacy can deliver the drug when removed.

To obtain it, the person affiliated with PAMI or a member of his family must go to the pharmacy only with the required identity document and supporting documents.

Electronic prescription is a tool that “facilitates and accelerates” the prescription and delivery of drugs, while providing “more security” to the medical act and improves the quality of medical care for people affiliated to the PAMI, especially those who suffer from chronic images. , assured Ali.

“In these cases, the prescription can be post-dated by three months for chronic conditions,” he said.

This mechanism guarantees “control and transparency in the dispensing of drugs” within the PAMI, where “99% of the prescriptions issued are already electronic”.

In addition, it allows “permanent supervision of an interdisciplinary commission of experts that evaluates the criteria of use, rationality and effectiveness of drugs” that are prescribed with electronic prescriptions.


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