Poultry meatballs with meunière sauce, an easy recipe for a romantic dinner

It may not be glamorous, but a nice stew of juicy meatballs It fascinates me and it’s something that happens a lot in Spain. All kinds too. They can be beef, pork, lamb, fish or vegetables, but always juicy, almost falling apart and with lots of flavor.

There are endless possibilities with them, that says it all, and that’s how I came to today’s recipe, these Meatballs With Sauce miller bird. In fact, the miller It is a sauce that usually accompanies fish in France and is made with leftover flour from frying fish and lemon. But here, we have made it evolve.

Evolution starts from we don’t use butterbut we start with olive oil and mix the concepts of miller classic with a bit of “black butter” for the line that always wears capers. Come on, I did what I wanted. Because chicken broth isn’t usually added, of course it is. We could make hake dumplings with this same sauce, but with fish broth I can think of… The hint of lemon, yes or yes, is essential and it will be what will give character to our dish with the black pepper that I too is the key.

How to make meatballs with meunière sauce

meatballs with meunière sauce

Clara Villalon


For the meatballs

  • Ground pork, 400 g

  • Minced pork belly, 100 g

  • Slice of crustless bread, 2 units (optional)

  • Cream to soak the bread, optional

  • Salt, w/w

  • Ground black pepper, c/s

  • Dried thyme, 1/4 tsp

  • Soy sauce, a few drops

  • Perrins sauce, a few drops

  • Flour, 200g

  • Olive oil for frying, plentiful

For the poultry with meunière sauce

  • Extra virgin olive oil, 4 tbsp

  • Flour, 2 tbsp

  • Capers, 2 tbsp

  • Lemon juice, to taste

  • Chicken stock, 200 ml (approximately, depending on consistency)

  • Salt, w/w

  • Ground black pepper, c/s

Step 1

The first thing will be to form the meatballs. For this we mix the two types of meat and, if we use it, we dip the sandwich bread in the cream. We could also add an egg to make them even juicier. Add the bread soaked in cream, well drained, and mix well. We also add soy sauce, Perrins sauce, salt, ground black pepper and thyme. You knead with your hands, it’s the best, even if it’s a bit sticky.

2nd step

Form balls more or less large, to taste. You will have to be careful because if they are very small they need to be cooked less and vice versa. We don’t want dry meatballs. Once formed, we will pass them in the flour until they are completely covered on the outside.

Step 3

Heat the olive oil abundantly in a frying pan and when it is very hot, gradually brown the meatballs. It needs to be very hot, almost smoking or smoking, because we want them to brown quickly and not overcook the inside. A dry meatball is the worst ever, as I said.

Step 4

When the meatballs are golden brown, they should be removed on paper towels so that they lose excess fat. Finish frying them all and set aside.

step 5

In this same pan, we can prepare the sauce. We will only have to remove the oil, clean it lightly with a piece of paper and put the oil back in the pan. Heat lightly and when it starts to get hot add the flour. Stir with a few stir sticks so that the flour does not burn, but cooks and loses its raw flavor for a few minutes over low heat.

step 6

Add the capers slightly drained from their broth and mix well. We will see that the sauce changes, quickly add the hot bird broth. Stir constantly with the stems until the desired texture is achieved. Add the lemon drops until to taste and also add salt and black pepper to taste.

step 7

Add the fried meatballs to the poultry meunière sauce and cook for a few minutes, covering them with the sauce. Serve with fries or salad or whatever.


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