Prepare Christmas recipes with these Zara Home utensils

Christmas It’s a very special time of year when we get together with our loved ones and generally eat a lot. Excesses are allowed during these parties, and that Zara House it’s very clear. For this reason, the brand specialized in home decoration of the Inditex group sells awesome Christmas themed treats.

Salty foods are very important in Christmas meals, but also sweet ones, and not just nougat. If you want to make special artisan desserts for Christmas, We strongly recommend that you buy the utensils or accessories that Zara Home sells for this.. Then, we will present the ones that caught our attention the most. Make a success of this Christmas with your guests!

Christmas kitchen accessories Zara Home

If you want to positively surprise your family and friends with your homemade Christmas sweets, which will also turn out to be very tasty, these are Zara Home products you should buybecause they will help you a lot:

Head over to Zara Home and check out its fun Christmas kitchen utensils

Zara Home cookie cutter

Cookies are a fairly simple candy to prepare. Normally we use a circular mold in the dough to make the classic shape of the ideal accompaniment for a good coffee or a glass of milk. However, Zara Home offers you an alternative option: a series of small molds with different shapes of Christmas motifs, such as a Christmas tree bollard, holly leaf, candy cane and bells. These four molds come, and this set is only worth 15.99 euros.

Christmas molds Zara Home
The Christmas molds to make delicious cookies that Zara Home sells

The Christmas mold for making cupcakes from Zara Home

This mold is made of silicone and has a simple Christmas tree design. With it you can prepare all kinds of sweet recipes, but we recommend that you do a small cake or a giant chocolate in the shape of a Christmas tree. If you decide to buy it, know that you will buy a cloth bag that includes three copies unique sizeand all that only for 12.99 euros. Ultimately, can be perfectly washed in the dishwasher.

Christmas tree mold Zara Home
Zara Home sells a Christmas tree mold to make delicious cookies

Molds in the shape of a snowflake Zara Home

if you want to prepare delicious chocolates in the shape of a snowflakethis utensil from the Inditex brand is the most suitable. This silicone mold allows you to prepare up to 11 at the same timeand it has a particularity that the others we have analyzed do not have: accompanied by a recipe for caramel blondies which can be perfectly prepared with this product. Finally, this very practical utensil from Zara Home it will only cost you 15.99 euros.

Zara Home snowflake mold
The silicone snowflake mold that Zara Home is selling for this Christmas

Discover more Christmas kitchen products at Zara Home

In the extensive catalog of the decoration brand of the Inditex group you will find other equally interesting articles on the Christmas theme. For example, Zara Home sells a rolling pin with Christmas engravings to make a delicious empanada with these decorations, as well as baking paper with snowflake designs. If you want to discover them, we encourage you to enter their official website and introduce you to its special Christmas section. You will see how cool these products are!

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