Recipe with ground beef and vegetables. Tip to make it creamy

A balanced meal is essential for good health. Proteins, fats, fruits and vegetables are just some of the food groups that should be included in a balanced diet.

The meat, for example, is one of the most recognized proteins in the world. In addition, according to Mexico’s Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, eating red meat is a good source of vitamin B12, zinc and iron.

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A balanced diet should have a good portion of vegetables.

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Regarding the vegetables, prevent non-communicable diseases such as diabetes, high cholesterol, hypertension, among others. The World Health Organization assures that between this type of food and fruit, approximately 400 grams should be consumed daily.

The vegetables Due to its high content of micronutrients (vitamins, minerals and fiber), they have the following benefits, among which improving intestinal transit, lowering blood sugar levels, contributing to the elimination of toxins and increasing the feeling of satiety.

These two ingredients (both meat as the vegetables), are incredibly versatile. This means you can use them in a variety of preparations that are easy to make at home and don’t require hard-to-find products.

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Recipe with ground beef and vegetables

The cook and pastry chef Alix Hern├índez explained through the portal Free Recipes how to prepare this delicious ground beef with vegetables so it’s creamy and perfect for sharing at home.

Gastronomy: Colombian.

Learn how to make this recipe at home.

  • Preparation time: Four five minutes.
  • Cooking time: 30 minutes.
  • Servings: 4.


  • 500 grams of ground beef
  • 1 carrot
  • 1 white onion
  • 1 red pepper
  • 3 cloves of garlic
  • 1 teaspoon of cumin
  • 40 milliliters of sunflower oil
  • 1 pinch of salt
  • 1 pinch of pepper

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How to make ground beef with vegetables?

  1. Have all the ingredients ready so you have them on hand when you need them. i.e. cut the carrotThe peppers and onions in pieces or small pieces.
  2. Put all the pieces that you have previously chopped in a pan and fry them until soft.
  3. add the Garlic finely chopped and let brown for a few more minutes.
  4. Add ground beef and season with cumin powder. Leave to rest longer on the heat, stirring occasionally.
  5. Add some Water then cover the saucepan or pot in which you are cooking.
  6. Let cook until meat and the vegetables are completely sweet.
  7. Taste a little to make sure of the seasoning. If necessary, add Salt Yes Pepper.
  8. Serve on each plate meat with vegetables and if desired, sprinkle some parsley on top.
  9. You can accompany it with a delicious mashed potato, slices of plantain or rice.

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