Recipes for losing weight: 3 healthy recipe options to start the year

Losing weight This is one of the goals that many people have set themselves to start the year. This loss requires eating fewer calories and burning, through physical activity, more than those consumed during the day.

According to the Colombian Ministry of Health, it is precisely the excess of calories daily, which can lead to an increase in weight. Therefore, it is best to modify or make small changes in lifestyle habits until they become part of the daily routine.

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Expert recommendations for losing weight They find realistic and reasonable goals, consider a balanced low-calorie diet, practice frequent physical activity and are patient so as not to fall into fad diets.

Changes in a person’s lifestyle should be made, preferably, with the advice of a health specialist to avoid aggravating pre-existing problems or developing pathology derived from poor body care. .

Considering the above, in Cromos we leave you some food options that you can include in your diet and which are considered healthy because of the ingredients that compose it and the few calories that it contributes to the body.

Healthy recipes for weight loss

Then we leave you 3 options of healthy recipes for you to prepare at home and start this year 2023 by fulfilling your goals of weightloss.

Option 1: cold cucumber soup with avocado

If you tried the gazpacho And you like it cold cucumber soup and avocado is ideal for you. It may not be ideal for cold, wintry days, but it will surely be for warm days when you want something fresh to help you have a balanced diet and even lose weight.

Here we leave you the whole recipe.

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Learn how to prepare this delicious cucumber soup that will hydrate you and be ideal for losing weight.

Photo: Pexels

Option 2: carrot pancakes

The carrot It has two great properties that help keep the body in peak condition. The first is that it helps firm the skin. As for the second, it promotes the improvement of vision.

This food is rich in nutrients such as vitamin A and carotenoids. It is a source of minerals such as potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, iodine and calcium. In addition, it contains vitamin B3, E and K.

Besides being an ingredient for salads, this product can be used for different preparations such as cakes, desserts and now delicious pancakes for the morning.

Here we leave you the whole recipe.

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Option 3: healthy bowl

If you are a person who does not have much time to prepare meals at home, do not worry, with this bowl you will have a delicious and healthy dish.

That’s why Marcela Escobar, doctor and nutrition specialist, teaches us how to prepare a healthy bowl Vegetable based for times when we are in trouble.

Here we leave you the whole recipe.


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