Rheumatoid Arthritis Signs and Symptoms

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Joints that appear swollen on the feet and hands is an usual indicator of RA. Joint swelling is typically more evident as RA develops, but a slight swelling could be a warning indication.

8. Joint redness

Joint inflammation can result in a red appearance. Skin discoloration around joints on the feet and hands can be an indication of RA.

Redness can occur because inflammation causes blood vessels that line the skin to expand. Larger blood vessels allow for more blood to flow into the area, resulting in a the appearance of being red.

9. Joint warmth

Joint discomfort results from inflammation. It can be present prior to swelling or redness develops. This could be a early indication of RA.

10. Tingling and numbness

Tingling and numbness in feet and hands could be an early indication of RA. The symptoms can be caused by inflammation of joints that could cause nerve compression that results in losing sensation.

11. Reduced movement range

In the initial stages of RA one may find themselves struggling to bend their wrists forward and back.

As the disease gets worse, the joint damage may affect tendons and ligaments and tendons, making it difficult to straighten and bend them.

12. Joints that are affected both sides

It is normal for those suffering from RA to suffer from symptoms at the same joints that are on opposite sides their body. Although this pattern of symmetry is common but it’s not the norm for all affected by the condition.


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