Rosy Calvo compiles Huelva gastronomy recipes with clear American reminiscences

Rosy has just published a new book that unites Huelva with America through gastronomy.

Cover of the book ‘Huelva and America: gastronomic round trip’.

DPM Under the title of Huelva and America: Gourmet Round Trip, the multi-faceted Rosy Calvo Morano from Huelva He has just published a new book in which the gastronomy of Huelva is again the protagonist, although on this occasion he focuses on dishes and ingredients in which the influence of the American continent is evident. A historical review through the kitchen this allows us to glimpse the influences that occur in the way the Huelva feed themselves after the meeting of the two continents in the 15th century, an event in which, as we know, Huelva played a huge role.

Potatoes with cuttlefish is a recipe that combines good fish from Huelva with potatoes from the American continent. / Photo: La Masia Recipes.

To this end, Rosy Calvo offers a wide variety of recipes with products such as potato, tomato, rice, fish, honey and chocolate, many of them from America, which then meant a revolution for the most traditional cuisine of Huelva. This, yes, that the interrelation between cultures was reciprocal, so that the Americans were also influenced by the products of the European diet, as is the case with wheat, orange or olive.

As a result of this meeting, there was “the fusion achieved in the dishes of our land with products from both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. Take for example the potatoes with cuttlefish or tuna with tomato»as we are reminded President of the Port of Huelva, Pilar Mirandain the book’s prologue.

Tuna with tomato, a classic that always conquers. / Picture: YouTube.

With this philosophy, this famous native of Huelva presents in this publication a good number of dishes, including offers you the list of ingredients and the preparation of these recipes, step by step. An appetizing recipe book in which Rosy Calvo shows her mother’s knowledge between the stoves, because he makes them as he remembers them, as they are traditionally made in Huelva. This therefore makes this new book a magnificent instrument for keeping the traditional cuisine of Huelva alive.

Chickpea stew with cuttlefish and prawns. / Photo: South Channel.

So the reader can learn how to make a stew of potatoes with prawns, Huelva potatoes with cod, seasoned potatoes, homemade tomato tuna, gazpacho, ratatouille, stuffed tomatoes, Huelva rice with cod and clams, rice with clams, rice pudding croquettes, Stuffed anchovies, baked sea bream, marinated mackerel, shrimp salad, Cuttlefish eggs in sauce, Huelva tuna with onions, tuna pie, cod watch stew, Chickpea stew with cuttlefish, scrambled asparagus and prawns, rubio en amarillo with potatoes, seafood salpicón…, and a long list of proposals that will not disappoint you at our table.

Strawberries in chocolate cannot be missing. / Photo: Cook for your life.

For the sweet lovers, darling it becomes an essential ingredient for desserts such as abuelas, gañotes, hojuelas, hornazos, pestiños, roses from the Sierra de Huelva, bottle of honey, brandy and wine donuts or French toast. And of course, couldn’t miss the chocolatewith delicacies like chocolate sponge cake and strawberry cream from Huelva, Homemade chocolates, filled cones, homemade chocolate flan, chocolate-filled biscuits or the always appetizing chocolate strawberries.

The The work, published by the Port of Huelva, has a marked graphic character, which allows the reader to know the result of each recipe through excellent photographs. And it is that its careful assembly is another point to take into account. And all this is completed at the end with various sections, such as tips for cooking or what we should consume to lead a healthy life.

Prawns from Huelva, very present in this new book.

About the Author. You have to remember Rosa Maria Calvo MoranoRosy Calvo, has extensive experience in this field, with several books in which she explains the most typical dishes of Huelva, without forgetting the new proposals, as in the titles Huelva Desserts and Pastries, The traditional cuisine of Huelva That is Onubense kitchen for administrative managers. Publications to which the author has just added a new issue to his list with this Huelva and America: gastronomic round trip. Which do you prefer?

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