Seven recipes with potatoes, easy and simple. For any day of the week

Fries, baked, boiled, seasoned and others are, in short, the best companions for any dish and at any time of the day. You can prepare them baked or boiled and you can serve them as an accompaniment with proteins such as roast meat or fish, such as salmon or white fish for an informal dinner or even for something more special.

Potatoes are so delicious and versatile that you can also cook them in a way that they become the star of any meal and everyone loves them, despite their simplicity they are still delicious and full of flavors. And it is that in reality the The potato is part of the universal gastronomy since we can find them in practically every country in the world. Depending on where we’re from, we make them very differently, although they still end up having that comforting texture and flavor that we love.

we share you seven recipes with potatosuper easy and simple that you can prepare for any occasion.

Super crispy potato pancakes with cheese and ham

In particular, this recipe for super crispy hash browns with cheese and ham is the perfect option to cook when you have busy days and don’t have much time to cook. They are also a great idea to take as lunch to school or work, plus they are very cost effective.

Chicken in green sauce with potatoes and nopales

One of the most delicious recipes in which we can incorporate all the flavor of Mexican cuisine is in this recipe for chicken simmered in green sauce that we usually also accompany with a few pieces of potato, nopales and coriander fresh.

Quick and easy potato recipes 2

ground beef with potatoes

This recipe is very similar to picadillo, but much simpler and with a special flavor: ground beef with potatoes. This preparation, as we are going to share with you, is a dish usually prepared in Venezuelan homes.

Quick and easy potato recipes 1

Steak with Pasilla Chili Sauce and Potatoes

So that you can find all the flavor of mom’s cooking and reproduce the fonditas seasoning at home, we will share this steak recipe with pasilla chile sauce. We advise you to accompany it with some cooked potatoes and red rice, to live the complete experience.

Quick and easy potato recipes 1

hash browns

If there’s something that sets British food apart, it’s its breakfasts: there’s nothing like a good English Breakfast with fried or scrambled eggs, sausages, bacon and hash browns. This kind of fried potato pancakes are a real delight and are super addictive, although they are actually very easy and quick to prepare at home.

7 Quick and Easy Potato Recipes

Potato sausage in green sauce

It’s a winning combination. It is a comforting dish, delicious and very easy to prepare. Imagine it like this: in a taquito with its good dose of dripping green sauce, on a little classic and very Mexican red rice, did you like it? We tell you how to get rid of your cravings with this recipe for sausage and potatoes in green sauce.

6 quick and easy potato recipes

Egg, potato and artichoke salad

This is a classic egg salad recipe that’s super fresh and perfect for those hot days when you don’t really feel like cooking.

3 quick and easy potato recipes

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