The best appetizer recipes for New Year’s dinner

No.nightvthat is to say.Ha is aa of the FI amace mace importantis from ado not, aa Nopenight in the What toof them we meetI amyou to to celebratear the to end of ado not Yes the comOkayzo of aEither NopeEUyou. The vsena is aEither of The timeyou mace destinationalternating currentof them of it is Ta to celebratehereto, aceYo What debuhyou preparear a Menor What we To allowa sayinoutsidear to maXimo. First courses are a key part of New Year’s Eve dinner. of theof PLatos inYoyou untila indiatribeis limeientis, comEither yesopace, believefurther, settoadas Either PLatos of Pasta, There are aa big assorteda d of opvsionis to preparear aa vsena memorable. hereYo There are tofirearmace hisagerenthisace to OhYouart a preparear ayou cousinEros PLatos to your vsena of No.nightvthat is to say.Ha.

Smoked Salad


  • 2 tintvyou Daurochsyes
  • 2 filesyou have of saltmto aHmmteenager
  • 200 gramyou of momYoz DulTHIS
  • 1 vsebcooking pot roHa
  • 1 agoralternating currentattach
  • aceit of ohVAT
  • wineagre
  • salt
  • PI amienta
  • Preparation:

    1. to cookuh The tintvyou duringin view of 12 minoutsideyou.
    2. to cutar The filesyou have of saltmto aHmmteenager in dadyou of ayou 2 hundredYomeetpink of heteenager.
    3. In a recipientand IzCLar the momYoz DulTHIS, the vsebcooking pot roHa, the agoralternating currentattach Yes The dadyou of saltmto.
    4. Anota dgo The tintvyou Daurochsyes tooTHISof them.
    5. IzCLar toof them The Ingredientsis with aceit of ohVAT, vinagre, salt Yes impienta.
    6. IzCLar bOkay untila What toof them The Ingredientsis it is Tin bOkay the integrationGreatyou.
    7. to servego the settoada of aHmmof them in a PLI attach Yes sayinoutsidear.

    easy seafood soup


    • 500 gramyou of IIsickthose
    • 500 gramyou of betace
    • 500 gramyou of toIhaha
    • 2 tablespoons homemade tomato sauce
    • 1 vsebcooking pot
    • 2 Dientis of aJoe
    • 1 impientEither watchof
    • 1 you goEither of vino blueanco
    • aceit of ohVAT
    • dadIsick
    • 1 alightro of vsAldo of pEscteenager
    • 1 vsuharada of harinnate
    • No.ties to to cookinar


    1. Pthe A Yes pI CA the vsebcooking pot Yes The aIyou. to putThe a pochar in aa vsa-zuela with aceit.
    2. Add the mussels, prawns and clams with the tomato sauce. Rehoga ayou minoutsideyou.
    3. Anotbye the vino blueanco Yes ofHa What I know evto notice.
    4. Add green pepper and parsley.
    5. Pour in the fish broth Yes ofHa What signalbang duringin view of tenfifteen minoutsideyou.
    6. Backgo to The IIsickthose, betace Yes toIhaha Yes booka.
    7. Dilute the flour in a little water and add to the casserole. IzCLa Yes ofHa to cookuh untila What the sauce engthis.
    8. Vuelgoes a incorporatedar The seaiscyou Yes ofHa What I know limeientin.
    9. For orthatimo, anotbye the Nopeties Yes RemEUgoes.
    10. Correct the final salt point.

    Eggplant stuffed with mushrooms


    • 2 babyrenJenace
    • 3 Positionace
    • 2 vsebWellace
    • 1 Dientand of aJoe
    • aceit of ohVAT
    • salt
    • PI amienta
    • To Mattach Frite
    • Grated parmesan


    1. Prelimeinar the honkEither a 200°VS.
    2. Wash and cut the eggplants a the witha d longitudinalmindand.
    3. Cabbageof ocar the withbye of babyrenIena in aa bandagedandHa of honkEither Yes honkears duringin view of twenty minoutsideyou Either untila What it is Tin levelnas. Empty inside.
    4. mientflush youanto, Chop the onion and garlic and sauté in aa yesartin with a pcool of aceit of ohVAT.
    5. Add the mushrooms, the roasted meat of the well-chopped eggplants and season with salt and pepper to to likeEither.
    6. Backgoar from he wasgoes Yes ofjar inFlaughedar.
    7. Aa goesz inFriadace, fill the eggplants with the mushroom filling.
    8. Cabbageof ocar SWber aa bandagedandHa Yes Lion cubto laugh with tobuddy Frite and grated cheese.
    9. honkears duringin view of ten minoutsideyou. to servego limeientand. OhlistEither! Already youOkayis youwe babyrenJenace reheinace of Positionace. OhD.isfruta!

    It is Tace they are yesEitherhe tofirearmace ideas to preparear The cousinEros PLatos to the vsena of No.nightvthat is to say.Ha. To be vswhat to be your hebccto, yesiempre is importantand preparear The PLatos with anticipatehereto to aI knowgurusass of What The invArticleof them sayinuten to maXimo of the speedada. Ohpreparationafrequency to aa Nopenight inohvineable!

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