the easiest recipe you will succeed with

If you are looking for a recipe to surprise your guests and with which you will surely succeed, it is the empanada with prawns. It is a very popular preparation that can be prepared both for dinner and as a second course at lunch.

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The plus is that it can be prepared in advance, then served cold or very hot just before popping into the oven, being in both cases with a very good result.

To this we must add that it is a very simple recipe to prepare and manages to reach an ideal point of elasticity, which makes stretching it very easy. If you want to know how to make it, we bring you the easiest shrimp empanada recipe, which is always a hit.

The Many Benefits of Eating Shrimp

Shrimps are an important source of protein, at the same time they have a very low fat content. In addition, it is a very satiating food, so it is usually recommended in healthy diets.

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To all this we must add that it contains essential amino acids for our body, with different benefits for our digestive system. These proteins, which most shellfish and fish contain in large quantities, contribute to healthy bones, nails, hair and skin. They are also rich in Omega-3 which has anti-inflammatory properties and helps prevent possible mood disorders.

Buy and store shrimp

When we go to the market to buy prawns, we must bear in mind that we can find them fresh and raw; frozen raw; and already cooked and frozen. Choose one or the other It will depend on the use that we are going to give it in the kitchen.

In case we want to eat them without any preparation or add them to cold dishes or salads, you can choose to buy the ones that are already cooked. However, if they are to be used in other preparations, it is best to buy them raw, fresh or frozen.

Like almost all shellfish, prawns are a food that is not lacking at Christmas lunches or dinners, a time of year when demand increases, that is why it is very important to choose them well.

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Regarding its conservation, if they are raw, it is recommended to consume them within 24 hours of purchase. If you buy them fresh, you can freeze them for later use, and if you buy them already cooked, you can store them in the fridge for up to 48 hours.

How to Choose Good Shrimp

When choosing the best prawns to make this recipe or any other, you need to make sure they look shiny and tough, and pay attention to their aroma to discard any that smell of ammonia, which will indicate that ‘they are not suitable for consumption. . This inappropriate odor is common in any product that is not fresh, it is therefore essential to take this factor into account to know if they are suitable for consumption.

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To choose the best prawns, it is therefore necessary to avoid those that have a very intense odor or a certain aroma of ammonia. It is best to buy them whole, although you can also find them peeled, with or without the tail, raw or cooked. When cleaning them, remember that you will need to remove the intestine, which rests on the abdomen.

Ingredients for the shrimp pie

Now it’s time to get to work making the shrimp empanada recipe. For twelve people, you will need the following ingredients.

For mass:

  • 450 grams of wheat flour
  • 20 grams of fresh pressed yeast
  • 100ml water
  • Very cold butter in pieces
  • salt
  • An egg

For the fodder:

  • 500 grams of onion
  • 500 grams of whole raw prawns
  • 250 grams of cream cheese (Philadelphia type)
  • 70 grams of butter in pieces
  • 50 grams of extra virgin olive oil
  • 40 grams of brown sugar
  • A beaten egg to paint the dough
  • A tablespoon of sesame seeds for sprinkling
  • salt

How to prepare the shrimp empanada

To begin with, all the ingredients for the dough must be kneaded until a homogeneous mixture is obtained, forming a ball with them. Remove to a bowl and cover with a tea towel, then set aside.

Then it’s time to chop the onion and put it in a pan with the butter, oil and salt, to brown it over low heat. During this time, the prawns should be peeled and the heads and shells discarded. Then sugar should be added to the mixture and left for a few more minutes. Then it is removed in a bowl and left to cool for 30 minutes.

Once the above is done, you must Preheat the oven to 180°C, lining the baking sheet with parchment paper. Now divide the dough into two parts and, with the rolling pin, roll out one of them on the table sprinkled with flour, placing it on the tray we have prepared.

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You will now have to spread with the cream cheese, leaving a 2 cm edge. Spread the onion confit on top and the shrimp on top. Then, using the roller, the other dough should be rolled out.

To finish, we must brush the edge of the lower dough with water, to place the other extended dough on top. Now the edges are pressed and it closes. You must then prick the surface several times with a fork so that the steam comes out during cooking. Now we are going to have to brush with the beaten egg and sprinkle with sesame seeds. After cooking for about 45 minutes, or until the empanada is golden brown, All you have to do is take it out of the oven to let it cool and serve. This way you can enjoy an exquisite prawn empanada.


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