The keys to the repeal of ordinances via WhatsApp or email

The Ministry of Health, which on Monday repealed the validity of prescriptions made on paper and sent via the web, email or WhatsApp to request treatment in pharmacies, clarified that the measure is due to the fact that “the epidemiological and health situation is very different from the moment the abrogated resolution was issued” and that “the prescription of drugs must be carried out with all the corresponding security mechanisms”.

Digital prescriptions: it will no longer be possible to present a photo of a medical prescription


Thus, the Health Portfolio listed the “keys” to the measure, implemented in Resolution No. 3622/2022, published today in the Official Journal, which repeals Resolution 696 published in 2020.

The repealed resolution allowing, within the framework of the ASPO established by the coronavirus pandemic, and on an exceptional basis, the prescription of drugs by SMS or web messaging applications, indicates a press release from the ministry.

Salud clarified that “digital and/or electronic prescriptions (with electronic or digital signature) will continue to be accepted as before”.

the keys

  • Why is repeal due? : Because the epidemiological and sanitary situation is very different from that when the resolution repealing it was published.
  • During the ASPO, the exceptional acceptance of physical prescription photos was taken with the aim of preventing people in need of medicine from circulating, thus reducing the transmission of the virus and the risk of contagion.
  • After the emergency, it is advisable to return to the previous mechanisms, which guarantee greater security, as they are less likely to be tampered with and encourage the responsible use of medicines, as agreed with health ministers from all over the world. countries within the framework of the Federal Health Council. Council of October 4 this year.
  • The prescription of drugs must be carried out with all the corresponding security mechanisms: prescriptions must guarantee the identity of patients and doctors and the prescribed drug must be authorized by ANMAT, be identified by its generic name and be part of a scientifically validated therapeutic therapy. indication in the rational use of medicines.
  • In turn, the pharmacies carry out the corresponding controls for the dispensation, generating the records required by law and also respecting the traceability of the medicine dispensed.
  • The exception mechanisms repealed with this resolution did not offer the necessary guarantees to respect these precepts.
  • In short: after the ASPO, photos of prescriptions sent by email or WhatsApp to buy a drug are no longer accepted.
  • As before the pandemic, the digital and/or electronic prescriptions that are accepted are those that have an electronic or digital signature, as established by the Digital Prescription Law, which is in the implementation phase, and the Law on electronic signature.

It is expected that from the regulation of this law, the providers who have this service will be expanded and, therefore, the accessibility of patients to the drug will be simplified, concludes the information from the Ministry of Health.

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