The most televised recipes from Camp d’Elx

The cooking channel program “Traditional Stoves”directed by Eugenio Monesma, will broadcast typical recipes from Camp d’Elx from January 27 to 31. They are in total ten recipes those that Canal Cocina recorded in Elche, which shows the most typical flavors, those made at home.

The chapters will air on January 27, 30, and 31 at 2:00 p.m., 7:00 p.m., and 10:00 p.m. The idea came from the collective ElcheXplore® concerned about the protection of heritage and culture and responsible, for a long time, for divulging the lost or forgotten elements of Elche. It was this group that contacted the producer of the famous ethnographic documentary filmmaker, Eugenio Monesma, also a youtuber with more than 700,000 subscribers on his channel. also participated Association for the Rural Development of Camp d’Elx (ADR) to find locations and cooks, all the inhabitants of the neighborhoods of Elche. VisitElche also collaborated.

This Wednesday a thank you video that Monesma made for such an act was screened, in addition to the promotion of the chapters. Every chef and cook who participated you received a DVD copy, ADR presenting participants with a typical breakfast and herbs.

The “Los fogones tradicionales” program, which recovers typical and ancient recipes from all over Spain, landed in Elche last September to record some of the most representative dishes of Elche cuisine. It is about making known the typical recipes of Camp d’Elxwhich have been made by the people of Elche, and using the best products of Elche.

A moment of presentation of the chapters. INFORMATION

ElcheXploreR and the Associació per al Desenvolupament Rural del Camp d’Elx (ADR) organized this recording with the collaboration of Finca San Ramon, VisitElche and the Protected Designation of Origin Granada Mollar de Elche. The recipes were saved in the impressive Finca San Ramón de Atzavares.

In addition to Spain, the program can also be seen in several Latin American countries.

The menu

So the ten typical recipes from Camp d’Elx that can be seen are mollar pomegranate gachamiga, made by Miguel García; pipes and carasses, by Rosa Vicente García, who also made delicious almojábenas; coca amb pèsols i sardine, cooked by Carmen Agulló and Delfín Tarí; grilled red mullet with all i oli, from Sebastián Piñol; coca a la calda and coca de “ditaes”, made by Antonia Sepulcre; Arrós i ceba with cod, from Maruja Sabuco; the famous arroz con costra, for which Juani Soler was responsible, with the collaboration of José Félix Abad; the traditional Tarta de Elche with pomegranate mollar, made by Custodia Antón and Matilde Antón; and the fig bread or panet de figa, by Gaspar Antón.

Some of the participants in the presentation of the episodes that will be broadcast on Canal Cocina. INFORMATION

Monesma has also registered some of the city’s most emblematic places, such as the Municipal Park, the Plaza de Baix, the Altamira Palace or the Glorieta, spaces that can be seen in the introduction of the program. The registration included both the registration of the ingredients, the typical products of Elche, and the preparation of the recipes.

The objective is to make known both the most emblematic places of Elche, as well as a large part of its most typical products and the recipes still made in the houses of Elche.


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