the official story invented the newspaper and something else is happening in pharmacies


What was said is not what happened. The resource for chronically ill patients was used without acknowledging that the system would endure.

The medical prescription is a document that the government has transformed into papelon. The official resolution of last Monday, which abolished the medical prescription by photo, caused such a stir that it was necessary to give walk backwards.

The Ministry of Health has tried to limit the damage and for this it issued a statement on Tuesday in which it exempted patients with chronic diseases. He extended the deadline until February 28.

It was the most “elegant” output they could find to record in a statement, so the inversion would seem partial and reasonable: special consideration of the most vulnerable patients.

However, reality took another path and the text agreed between the government and the pharmaceutical chambers remained a dead letter. In fact, sources who had access to this meeting said Bugle that there had been talk of extending the benefit to the entire population.

But the government would have been more concerned not take on the role and admit that he had rushed into applying the new rules of the game which clearly explains how things were going to work in pharmacies here until February 28.

The modality of the recipe by Whatsapp continues to be used. Photo: Fernando de la Orden

Conclusion: None of what happened is what was announced. pharmacies they continued to sell drugs under photographic medical prescriptionin accordance with prepaid, which are those who must recognize the modality to be paid later.

A senior source from a private medical company focused on the key to the device: “The standard only says chronic. But it is very difficult to distinguish than in pharmacies. Therefore, in many cases, all recipes are accepted until February 28th. Some can’t, but most can.”

In the middle, beyond the valid intention of the state to put a precarious system in the box – which must happen sooner or later – weighs the game of supply and demand. The ability to buy and sell comes up against the untimely change in the norm.

Although the government has tried to play down the impact of the measure, the country’s main prepayment companies, such as OSDE, Swiss Medical and Galeno, have admitted that between 50 and 60 percent of its affiliates were using this modality at the time of resolution 3622/22.

The statement that corrected said resolution says in its last paragraph: “The only thing that remains without effect is the possibility of presenting a photo of a medical prescription in pharmacies, except for patients with chronic conditions and prolonged treatments who used this mechanism.

As soon as the official resolution was published, some pharmacies warned the public, but today the norm is flexibility.  Photo: Andrés D'Elia

As soon as the official resolution was published, some pharmacies warned the public, but today the norm is flexibility. Photo: Andrés D’Elia

The allusion to the beneficiary target leaves room for interpretation, as far as the funders of the rebates are concerned. And this is what pharmacies rely on to meet the needs of the publicsupposedly without violating the official corset.

The reason is clear: it is a sensitive time of the year due to the proximity of the summer holidays. Patients and doctors can be away from their places of residence and workwhich prevents the possibility of processing a prescription in person.

The sources consulted, both prepaid and pharmacies, show some unease when explaining why the literalness of the declaration agreed on Tuesday with the government is not What’s really going on on the counter. Something that usually happens when political history contradicts common sense.


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