The perfect Adventure Time sandwich, a delicious recipe from La Cocina del Pirata

“Fried bacon, bacon, fried bacon, I take the bacon and fry it a little”. If you also read this sentence while singing, we have no doubt that you deserve this sandwich.

If you are one of those who know the episodes of the anime series from cover to cover Hour of adventuresyou will also know that the perfect sandwich of Jacques the dog It’s the one with fried bacon, a sandwich that contains all kinds of meats and vegetables and is probably the best gastronomic tribute to this series.

Sergio Enciso, better known in the networks as The Pirate’s Kitchenin his book The most relentless recipes of the seven seas He assures that he is a true fan of Adventure Time, and for this reason he has dedicated one of the recipes in the book to recreating this Jake the Dog sandwich in his own way. Take note!

The Perfect Adventure Time Sandwich


1200 kg sirloin steak

vacuum bag



A chicken

sweet and sour pickles



Hard egg


large loaf of bread

yellow sweet onion

Cream cheese

Soya sauce

garlic powder

Black pepper


We’ll start by cutting the rib eye, in this case waygu.

We remove the bone, add a little olive oil and put it in the vacuum bag; We also put fresh rosemary and fresh thyme on the T-bone steak.

Now, using a vacuum machine, we remove all the air it may contain and seal it.

We heat a pan with water until it reaches 135°C, once we have this temperature we put the T-bone steak in the bag for 25-30 minutes.

While the meat cooks, let’s go with the chicken. We remove the feathers that it may have with a blowtorch, we remove the excess skin and bone from the back, or we bring it prepared from the butcher’s.

We want to remove all the bones we can, we have to make several incisions along the back and break the spine.

Two parts of the chicken must come out, without being completely separated, the only bones that must remain are those of the wings and those of the thighs.

In a container suitable for ovens and in which all the chicken fits, we place it with the opening that we have made upwards. We are going to add a little salt, olive oil, give him a massage, garlic powder, thyme from the pillo, wild rosemary, black pepper freshly extracted from the dwarf mine, white wine and a little soy sauce. Put it in the preheated oven at 180°C for 30 minutes.

30 minutes later we flip the chicken and put it back for another 30 minutes.

While our meat and chicken are cooking, we are going to fry the bacon.

We put a frying pan on the fire and put several slices of bacon on it, without oil or anything, because the bacon itself with the heat will release its fat, and so it will be perfect.

When all our preparations are perfect, we proceed to assemble the sandwich.

Cut our bread in half and toast it with a blowtorch, spread both sides with cream cheese, place the pickles, a little dill, boiled eggs, chicken, cucumber, tomato that we have already cut , sweet onion, sirloin, bacon bits and cover with the other lid of the loaf of bread.


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