These cookbooks will motivate you more to cook than to search for recipes on YouTube


Cookbooksdelicious that range from the practical to the exquisite, from the concrete to the general, from the biographical to… that greedy soul that we all carry in our hearts. These are new books that complete the basics of your culinary wardrobe. Notebooks to fill with post-its and notes in the margin, personalize them and make them yours. You can see a thousand recipes on YouTube but nothing will make you happier than turning those pages and accumulating the wisdom they contain.

Cuisine or Barbary, recipes and statement of intent

Cooking or Barbary, by Mara NicolauJos Dams

Is it time to get all that cook/or that we’re carrying inside? We decided to send the superheated dinner from the blister pack for a ride, to put the brakes on and to remember that, as Mara Nicolau assures us in Cocina o Barbarie: “Directly or indirectly, are we all beings in the kitchen?” It is a question of sharing in life an aromatic heritage and flavors; to feed, yes, but also to mark the spirits with anthology dishes. Dabiz Muoz says in the prologue of María Nicolau’s book that cooking is humanity “And it is obvious that we are dehumanizing ourselves. Less and less is cooked, stewed and roasted, and what we are doing is normalizing the way to do it. It’s something that makes us lose our roots.” Or deculturation. For that, the cook Nicolau stands up to gastro-fashion and writes a nice treatise, rich and also scientific, which suddenly brings us back to reality with recipes where the chup-chup takes precedence with love, recalls almost forgotten professions like the mondonguera (hala, let’s say google!) and, in these very vegan times, he defends the consumption of meat, in this case pastured lamb (you will cry with emotion) and recommends learning to cook it “beyond of the four luxury cuts”. From the French omelet as maximum proof of skill to his way of preparing escalivada, few fundamental dishes (especially Catalan) escape his instructive book which, from today, should occupy (read well) a very important in your home.

(Peninsula. 21.75 euros)

Coquinaria to walk around the house, a treasure

Coquinaria for walking around the house, by Victor Salagaray

Coquinaria for walking around the house, by Victor SalagarayJos Dams

A good living dentist: Vctor Salagaray Lamberti, accompanied by the artist Jacobo Pérez-Enciso, in charge of the illustrations, are the authors of this gastronomic work which has just seen the light of day. For Coquinaria to wander around the house, there are recipes that, as the illustrator says in his introduction: “It is a kind of diary of culinary pleasures and friendships appreciated and celebrated”. Irrefutable proof that the preparation of meals transcends the pure need to live to become a true art of collecting good friends. An onion soup from Los Mosqueteros, a Viennese goulash or monkfish with potatoes and peas, are part of a somewhat chaotic cookbook that will also delight rare birds who like to read cookbooks. Because, in addition to slamming you with pleasure with his proposals and feeling an immediate urge to throw yourself into the pot, Jacobo Pérez-Enciso’s drawings raise the bar and transform it into a literary gem.

(Joaquun Gallego Publisher. 25 euros)

Julie’s recipes, all the charm of French cuisine

Julie's recipes, by Julie Andrieu

Julie’s recipes, by Julie AndrieuPhoto courtesy of the publisher

The very popular Julie Andrieu, from the (cult) show La 2, has just compiled and published her favorite recipes in the book Julie’s recipes. Dishes that have substance, soul, history and wisdom, where the famous Julie shares her secrets for reinventing the products that we all have in our fridge and making the most of them: “Although we “any food can be cooked in a thousand different ways, each one of them, in my opinion, has its own magic recipe, its ideal way of expressing itself”. In the book he offers 150 ways to eat differently everyday products and gives us his favorite recipe for each food.

(Editorial Planet. 21.75 euros)


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