Ufesa Phantom air fryer, 5 liter capacity to make all kinds of recipes (with WIFI)

When there is an intention to buy an air fryerbeing a fairly recent small appliance, doubts may arise as to the characteristics to be evaluated in order to choose the one that suits everyone’s needs, and believe us that the market has grown in a very short time airfryersit is easy for you to find the one that will solve what you need, power, capacity, size, cleanliness, consumption, space… Today we are going to talk about one of the air fryers that has most satisfied our needs, and you already know that we have several models.

Illustrating these lines, you have the Ufesa Phantom Air Fryerand we’ll start by giving you the technical data and then we’ll tell you what we like the most about it air fryer so you can assess if this is what you are looking for. To begin with, we will tell you that it is an oil-free fryer with 5 liter capacity, but it takes up less space in the kitchen than others that have the same capacity, and it is something that many families are interested in. Plus, it weighs nothing.

Roasted chicken with lime and aromatic herbs

The digital air fryer Ufesa Phantom is very easy to use, it has eight preset programs for fries, meat, fish, chicken, pizza, vegetables, prawns and pastries. In addition, you can manually control the time and temperature, which from 80º C to 200º C. It works wonderfully because it has 360º high speed airflow technology and many of you will love that it works with digital touch control and has Wi-Fi, the Wi-Fi smart control It will allow you to control the cooking from your mobile phone.

As for the power of this air fryer of Ufesa (remember this is one of the biggest manufacturers of home appliances of Spanish origin), He is 1500W, so it consumes less than many air fryers with other similar features. It is also interesting to know that the bowl has a removable bottom, it is non-stick and very easy to clean, moreover, the heat from the inside is not transmitted to the outside, the air fryer can be moved around. a place without any problems even when it is in operation. does not weigh or burnand although it is an appliance that does not move when in use, it has non-slip feet that do not damage the kitchen surface.

Airfryer Ufesa

We use this air fryer almost every day and we do everything in it, we don’t need it, but whoever needs it can use the application cookbook there is to program the recipes with the Ghost of Ufesa. What we can cook goes well beyond what is indicated in the preset programs, in fact you can see several of our recipes here, and we will continue to share many more, because, as we mentioned, the air fryer is a great help in the kitchen.

There are still a lot of people wondering if it’s really worth buying this device, and you already know that for us the answer is a resounding yes, because we do a lot more things than what we cooked before, when we thought twice about it. turn on the oven for the heating time, for the cooking time, for the cost of electricity, for cleaning… And, as we have mentioned on other occasions, the air fryer not a fryerit’s like a small table ovenso if you want it fried it’s not your thing, if you want it very good and healthier, yes.

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And what was said, cook fasterpreheating does not exceed five minutes if necessary, it cooks evenly, it is quiet, it does not dirty anything, the pan is easy to clean, you can cook for one, for two, for three and for four peopleIt is not lazy to prepare dinner even if it is late at night and you arrive tired from work. And a very important detail, right now the Ufesa Phantom air fryer is on sale on Amazon (with 3 year warranty) costs only €96.99 and you can choose the color, white or black.

Below these lines you can see the presentation video of this small device and you can find out more on the Ufesa website. Now it is you who have the information to know if it is the air fryer What were you looking for? It’s a perfect gift from Santa Claus or the Three Kings.

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