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Today I offer you a version vegan of the BechamelWhy are there so many? prescriptions. As you can imagine, you will find many alternatives if we are talking about a substitute for Milk of animal origin (milk of soybeans, oatsof almondsof sesameof coconut, etc.). In the same way, you can use many types of flour. In terms of fat, to replace the Butter of animal origin, you can use the different types ofoil or also margarine.

In this one vegan recipeI offer you one Bechamel made with oat milk, flour of wheat Yes olive oil sweet. It will only have to be seasoned with a pinch of salt, Pepper Yes nutmeg. As an example, I will use some macaroni integral part of this Bechamelwho made a scandal with the crispy chive. Go on!


1 liter of oat milk

400g wheat flour

400ml mild olive oil


black pepper



– You can use other types of vegetable milk

– Instead of oil, you can use margarine



Prepare and weigh all the ingredients to make vegan béchamel.


Put the oil in a saucepan


Pour the flour.


Stir well to incorporate, over medium heat.


Soon it will be a paste. Now you need to toast the flour a little. It is therefore necessary to stir for 2 or 3 minutes, so that bubbles come out.


Once the flour is cooked, you can throw in the first dash of hot milk.


And remove it again. You will see that now the lumps are done. It’s normal.


You squirt hot milk in and stir to incorporate it completely before adding more.


Little by little, it will gain in texture. You must be fine.


Once all the milk has been incorporated, you can salt Bechamel.


And add a pinch of nutmeg.


Now over low heat you need to cook the Bechamel for about 10-12 minutes without ceasing to stir. If you stop doing this, it will stick and burn. The Bechamel requires patience. This one in particular is done very quickly due to the amount of flour it has. If you want it to be even thicker for making croquettes, cook longer or add more flour at the start.


You must have this wonderful texture.


I baked whole wheat macaroni to show you an example.


Just mix them with some of the vegan béchamel.


Serve them on the plate.


And put a little more than Bechamel Above. If you like, a pinch of black pepper.


And my recommendation, some chives. It works fantastic!


They are very good!


If you want, you can look for vegan cheeses and brown them in the oven with a drizzle of oil on top.

twenty one.

I even added a little spicy grass oil. A madness! Enjoy your meal! I hope you enjoyed this Recipe of vegan béchamel.

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