week of December 19

    The advent calendar is coming to an end. Christmas is fast approaching and our gourmet instincts keep thinking about the festive lunches and dinners to come. As on several occasions we have to act as home hostesses or bring an aperitif as guests, We are going to take advantage of the menu of the week to exercise our chef talents.

    Hake stewed with artichokes and peasthe typical chocolate log, mini vegetable quiches, salmon with tartar sauce or the classic cookies. In the weekly menu for the third week of December, we collect recipe ideas for the holidays.

    Menu of the week from December 19 to 23

    Monday, December 19

    Incoming: Hake stewed with artichokes and peas, by Paola Freire from Foodtropia

    In many homes, Saturday and Sunday are designated days, when the table is a party. And in this case, we suggest you “garnish” it with a delicious hake, a dish full of flavors and very healthy that anticipates an authentic gastronomic feast. To practice with time, we start the week by preparing it. If you still don’t have a good recipe, note the one prepared by Paola Freire, creator of Foodtropia. always win An advice? The key is to do it very carefully and have a little patience.

    Dessert: Yule log, by Delicious Martha

    Since we are going to use Monday as a test day, why not dare a Yule log? The Delicious Martha version is perfect for people in a hurry but who don’t give up on a delicious dessert.

    tuesday 20 december

    Starter: Pancakes with crab salad with mayonnaise

    A super easy snack to make are these Crab Salad Pancakes with Mayonnaise. Any advice if you want to prepare this aperitif during the holidays? Make pancakes ahead of time and freeze them so you don’t overwork on the key day.

    Main course: Sushi bowl with marinated tuna

    To finish adding flavor to Wednesday, lift your spirits with this bowl of marinated tuna. It is powerful and will give you all the energy you need after starting the meal with the appetizer version of pancakes.

    Wednesday, December 21

    Starter: Cream of roasted tomatoes and peppers

    On Wednesday, we tasted it with a spoon. This cream of roasted tomatoes and peppers in a very elegant version of gazpacho. It is served hot and garnished with a little goat cheese and pesto. Ideal for giving color to a Christmas table


    Main course: Salmon tartare sauce

    Tartar sauce is a classic with fish dishes. If you are going to serve one during the holidays, we advise you to take note of our version and take the opportunity to eat a piece of grilled salmon.

    Thursday, December 22

    Starter: Mini vegetable quiches

    Miniquiches are a popular dish to serve as an appetizer. They’re powerful, everyone loves them, and you can make them with whatever ingredients you like the most. How about our version of onions, peas and bacon?

    mini vegetable quiches

    Dish: Sea bass with crunchy vegetables

    As we planned a week with very complete dishes, we bet again on a fish dish with vegetables to balance the menu of the week a little.

    Friday, December 23

    Main course: Chicken à l’orange

    To end the week, we turn to another recipe with poultry. On this occasion, we brown some duck breasts and accompany them with some vegetables drizzled with orange.

    Dessert: Christmas cookies

    To make up for work, you can bake a big batch of shortbread cookies with cinnamon sticks and nutmeg on Friday. Take some for dessert and leave the rest for New Year’s Eve and Christmas.

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