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One of the questions that comes to mind when thinking about food trends is: what will go viral in ICT Tac? Feta pasta, a green salad or maybe a coffee smoothie? Before marveling at the possible creations that we will find in 2023, Advantage offers to take a look at the recipes that have gone viral in 2022. From elegant and curious tables from butter to yogurt toast.

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1. Overnight oats

When it comes to easy and convenient recipes, Tik Tok seems like an endless source of options. One of the most consulted recipes is that of ‘overnight oats’. It is a perfect preparation for breakfast whose particularity is that it is prepared the day before and the oats are left overnight with a mixture of yogurt, chia, fruit and a little bit of sweetener. A practical and perfect breakfast to adapt to everyone’s tastes.

2. Butter tables

One option to share that has become really famous and covered by many people on Tik Tok are the butter tables. The slogan is simple: butter at room temperature that is distributed on a table and decorated with garnishes according to the taste of the person who prepares it. In this case, the content creator presents a version with coarse salt, prosciutto, caramelized onions and a touch of olive oil on top. The combination possibilities are endless.

3. Nacho table

Although in this case it is not a recipe in itself, the nacho table has become an interesting way to share this type of appetizer with friends. If you are hosting a party or celebration, you can choose to line a table with aluminum foil and serve nachos on it with the meat or toppings of your choice and the inevitable cheese sauce that crowns the creation that the can be seen in the video. Are you encouraged?

4. Cloud Bread

Not everything is straight food or sweet options to the max, on Tik Tok you can also find healthier or lighter recipes or preparations. The cloud “bread” is not a classic bread, rather it is a version prepared with egg whites and without flour, designed for those who follow a Keto lifestyle or those who are celiac; that is, they are gluten intolerant.

5. Tacos Birria

Made with soft and flavorful shredded meat and served with delicious melted cheese and a dollop of gravy, beef birria tacos have gone viral. This Mexican dish has been around the world and thanks to its delicious taste, thousands of content creators have been encouraged to prepare it and share their recipes. One of those with the most views is from user @juanfoodtime.

6. Cinnamon rolls

For sweets lovers, cinnamon rolls are a delicious and perfect option that we often enjoy but don’t know how to prepare. This year, his recipe has gone viral through videos from different content creators, who teach their subscribers how to prepare it and what to accompany it with, in addition to the classic cream cheese bath.

7. Garlic bread

If it comes to choosing an ingredient that has been the protagonist on the platform, it is garlic. Thousands of videos have been shared to learn how to prepare confit garlic and what it can be used for in the kitchen. One of the favorite versions is garlic bread. The particularity is that by candiing the garlic in a considerable quantity of oil, its texture and flavor are softened. Thus, an ingredient is prepared that can perfectly accompany anything, from a piece of toast to the most delicious pasta.

@andrescooking Pan con Ajo // Garlic bread – 4 garlic heads // 4 garlic heads – 2 cups extra virgin olive oil // 2 cups extra virgin olive oil – ½ tsp pepperoncino // ½ tsp chili flakes – Pan Masa Madre // Sourdough Bread – Salt to taste // Salt to taste #andrescooking #panconajo #garlicbread #garlic #garlicbreadrecipe #panconajo ♬ original sound – Andres From Oliveira

8. Yogurt toast

A sweet, light, and fairly simple snack to make for breakfast or anytime is yogurt toast. With a few ingredients you can have a kind of toast with a sweet cream and the fillings will depend on your tastes. You can serve it with strawberries or chocolate, but I highly recommend serving it with blueberries which give it the perfect tartness.

9. Cucumber salad

One of the best viral recipes is cucumber salad. With garlic, vinegar, sesame oil, sugar, and chili powder, you can make such a basic and simple ingredient taste amazing. The presentation, thanks to the accordion cut, is a much appreciated plus. It is the perfect accompaniment for different lunches or dinners, but it can also be a starter.

10. Accordion Potatoes

In general, recipes or tips for cooking potatoes in different formats are always a total success on Tik Tok. In that case, this recipe promises us the most crispy and showy potatoes with very few ingredients. Of course, some knife skills will be needed to create the curious accordion shape. In addition, it teaches us to prepare a sauce to accompany which is delicious.


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