You can now vote for the video recipes of the Valencian candidates for the XI Le Cordon Bleu Madrid Promises Award

Le Cordon Bleu Madrid has just published on its official Facebook page the video recipes of students who opt for the XI Haute Cuisine Promises Prize. As in previous editions, those who wish can vote for their favorite proposal and thus become part of the popular jury.

The votes obtained via the social network will constitute 15% of the evaluation of the participants, and will be added to the votes of the professional jury, made up of head teachers from the School. The voting period will be open until February 20. Subsequently, on February 22, Le Cordon Bleu will announce the 10 finalists who will take part in the grand finale of this eleventh edition.

In the video recipes, of a maximum duration of 5 minutes, the students, demonstrate their culinary talents and their imagination with a proposal based on a common preparation: aSea bream guillette with white wine sauce and vegetable ravioli. As part of the event, they must also use their creativity, including free techniques and ingredients from their regions, differential factors that could help them qualify for the grand final.

The 10 finalists must prepare and present their dish in front of a prestigious jury which, in the previous edition, presided Jesus Sanchez, chef Arbor of Amos in Cantabria, with three Michelin stars and three Repsol suns. In previous years it has also been chaired by great gastronomic celebrities, such as Joan Roca, Diego Guerrero, Martín Berasategui or Andoni Luis Aduriz.

Andalusia with 12 and Catalonia, with 8 candidates each, are the Autonomous Communities most represented in this edition. Other autonomies such as: Galicia, Canary Islands, Balearic Islands, Community of Madrid, Asturias, Valencian Community, Castile-La Mancha, La Rioja, Navarre, Region of Murcia and Castilla y León will also be present in this phase of the competition.

11 years promoting the chefs of tomorrow.

Le Cordon Bleu Madrid celebrated the first edition of the Promesses Award in 2012 and since then, every year, it supports the work and educational effort of gastronomy schools across the country and rewards their most outstanding students.

A clear example was the case of the chef who won the first edition of the Promises Award, Cristóbal Muñoz, who two months ago received double recognition of the highest level: 2023 Young Chef Award from the Michelin Guide, in addition to obtain the green distinction from the guide and renew the Michelin star of the restaurant he runs, Ambivium (Peñafiel, Valladolid).

In the same vein, in 2022, Rafael de Bedoya de Jerez, winner of the fourth edition of the Promises Award, obtained his first Michelin star for the restaurant Aleia (Barcelona), which he runs with chef Paulo Airaudo.

The Promises of Haute Cuisine award is aimed at young people up to the age of 25 who are in their final year of training at any Spanish cooking school. These 11 years of holding the competition have been possible thanks to the support of the schools which encourage their most brilliant students to participate in order to continue their training. In addition, the validation plan launched in 2017 allows all students with an advanced degree in kitchen management to access the intermediate levels of the programs.

To know the video recipes of the selected students of the Valencian Community who can be voted:

Olga Vazquez Ortegastudent at the Altaviana Vocational Training Center in Valencia, click here.

Jose Manuel Laparra Solerstudent at the Mediterranean Culinary Center of Valencia, click here.

Jorge Silvestre Vilar CIPFP Costa de Azahar student in Castellón, click here.

Nohaila Rokdi RokdiCIPFP Benicarló de Castellón student, click here.

Tania Bautista Mauri, student of INS Dertosa in Tarragona, but from Castellón, click here.

Patricia Perez Crespostudent of IES Miguel Hernández de Alicante, click here.

To access the voting area of ​​the Cordon Bleu Madrid Facebook, click here


To download the informative brochure of the XI Prix Promesses de la Haute Cuisine, click here.

To download a photo of the two winners of the last edition with the jury, click here.

To download a photo of the winner’s plate from the last edition, click here.

To download the video of the April final of the X Promises Award, Click here.

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